We enable climate ambitions with digital technology

We help our clients to capture the opportunities of digital technology in the climate transition, with increased competitiveness and growth as a result. 

 We enable impact 


Perfect fit expertise

We provide a large network of associated consultants with best available competence and experience.


We help you to capture the opportunities of digital technology in climate transition by integrating climate and sustainability into your digital strategy, with ingreased competitivness and growth as a result.


We help you make decisions by providing insights to why, what and how. We make complex questions easy to understand and we make the arguments crystal clear, for you and your stakeholders.


We help you enable and empower your employees from executive to operative level. We offer inspiration and in-depth training adapted to your organisations level of digital impact maturity.

Business development

We help you to turn the global challenges of our time into business opportunities for your company by developing digitally enabled value-propositions, products, services and business models.

Digital development

We make your ambitions come true by developing and deploying digital solutions. We provide enabled and empowered product owners, scrum-masters, developers, designers and additional roles for successfull impact management in agile teams.


We help you communicate the risks and opportunites of digital technology in a responsible and scientifically correct way and to conduct public advocacy.


Why we exist

It goes too slow to capture the opportunities of digitalization in the climate transition.

Digital technology can contribute to large reductions of carbon emissions by enabling resource efficient production and consumption, with increased competitiveness and growth as a result.

A great challenge is that most organizations fail to integrate climate and sustainability into their digital strategies and their “way of working”. For that reason, they also fail to capture the opportunities of digital technology in the climate transition.

Enpact is on a mission to make that change. By providing a large network of  associated consultans with unique expertise we can enable your climate ambitions with digital technology.

We enable impact!

Book a digital impact assessment!

Reach out to book a first, free digital impact maturity assessment over Teams where we conduct a facilitated discussion on your organisations maturity when it comes to capturing the opportunities of digital technology.

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